Enola Holmes (2020) Movie Reviews

Enola Holmes 2020 Movie Reviews

Enola Holmes Review is a girl who was adopted by a wealthy family but has developed a fascination with the history of her adoptive parents and their time in London. Once tracking her missing father, en route to London she uses her unique sleuthing skills and her resourceful mind to outwit a runaway lord and his henchmen and save a boy from a villainous mad scientist.

Enola Holmes (2020) Movie Reviews

The Enola Holmes story takes place in London at the time of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and it was written by Charlotte Brontë. It features a unique plot which is very well-written and extremely interesting. While seeking out her missing sister Enola Holmes uses her sharp mind and her resourceful abilities to outwit a villainous mad scientist and save a boy from a villainous mad scientist.

The storyline for this film is very simple yet extremely entertaining as it makes young girls excited about history and adventure. This is one of the most popular movies of the year and is set to be an enormous hit when it comes to its box office returns.

There are quite a few Hollywood celebrities that are in attendance at this particular film festival, so I expect there to be quite a bit of buzz surrounding the film during the film festivals. As a matter of fact, the buzz surrounding this particular movie festival is also being fueled by the fact that there are a number of exciting international films that have also been confirmed to be premiering at this particular festival. 

Enola Holmes (2020) Synopsis

With all of these films having been announced to be premiering at this particular film festival it seems like a great movie premiere that would have a lot of people coming out to see it. The buzz around this movie is also increasing as word gets around about the upcoming release of this film.

Enola Holmes is expected to be released on November of this year and will have its premiere on the big screen this year in the United States as part of the Fantastic Fest Film Festival. I have seen plenty of good buzz around the web about this upcoming film and am looking forward to seeing what critics have to say about it. If you have not checked out my blog, I recommend that you do so as I plan to give you my own review of this particular movie.