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The New Mutants Review - A Review of The New Mutants (2020) Movie Review

The New Mutants 2020 movie synopsis. Not much worth waiting for (although maybe the hype is worth the wait), The New Mutants 2020 movie was all hype and promise and then it just wasn't worth the wait. It was well made, entertaining, and had some good story elements that were cleverly woven into the narrative.

The New Mutants was released in May of 2020 and was a huge hit with the audience. This is an animated film based on the popular Marvel Comics book and movie series written by Chris Claremont and Kurt Busiek. The story centers around the school for teens with supernatural abilities who come together for a special purpose in life.

The movie begins at the same time as the book, with an announcement that a new school for teenagers with super-powers has opened. While we are introduced to our main characters, we don't get a very detailed synopsis of the main events in the New Mutants story line.

The only person who actually gets a very detailed description of their abilities is the main character, Cable. While there is no description of his abilities and he is not a part of the plot of the movie, he is given a lot of screen time in order to make us feel for his character. In particular, we get a great amount of drama for him because he is the main romantic interest for the love interest of Hope Summers.

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There are a few flaws that are present throughout The New Mutants. The acting was really bad at times, which makes the whole movie seem like a train wreck. The script was not well written, and the overall storyline is not very well thought out. The movie is also short at around eighty minutes, which may not be a good thing if you want something to watch in between your meals or while watching the news.

Overall, The New Mutants does not live up to what was promised. The story is pretty good and I do like the character of Cable, but I wish that the script was better and the story wasn't so short. Overall, this is another movie that is worth watching, but may not be worth the hype.

I have also found a few flaws in The New Mutants review from this movie, because I really do like the concept and I think that they can do a better job of telling the story. As far as the movie itself, though, I really like it and recommend it to anyone who wants a fast paced superhero movie with a great story.