Review Inception Movie

Review Inception Movie

inception movie review

Review Inception Movie - your chance to get the full scoop on this blockbuster film which stars Leonardo Di Caprio as the main character, a super genius who is able to steal other peoples' ideas. Dom Cobb (Leo Di Caprio) is an ex-convict with the rare ability to access other peoples' dreams and steal their personal secrets from their minds. His ability has made him a very hot commodity among the corporate world of espionage, but has also cost him what he loves most - his wife.

But when he suddenly finds a new job and a chance to prove his worth to his employer's, Cobb is surprised to discover that not only is the job for him, but the company that recruited him actually wants to help him become a better person. When he plants a very special idea inside the mind of a new employee, the company believes that it has solved a serious problem and can turn things around for the better. Now Cobb must help the company protect its most sensitive data from possible enemies by uncovering the identity of the man behind the idea.

While watching Dom Cobb's story, I found myself thinking of myself as one of Cobb's victims. It was easy to connect with him because he had been through so much with his life. My problem wasn't so much with the characters of the movie, because they were all incredibly well written. It was the concept of being able to access someone else's thoughts that I was having trouble with.

At first I thought that the company would be able to plant ideas into anyone's mind and make them do what you want them to do, but after reviewing other reviews I realized that it really isn't so simple. They need to plant ideas in everyone's head before they can actually take control of someone's life, and that's where my problem came from.

Dom Cobb also had a lot of help from his mentor, a man who was willing to do anything for him. The man was actually a computer genius and a former CIA agent who were there to help Dom solve his problems, not to hurt them. His friend was even able to plant a bomb in a casino to kill a group of terrorists and Dom's mentor took care of the fallout afterwards.

So the film ends with Dom Cobb finds his mentor's body dead, and now he must find out who he was working for and why he was working with the CIA in the first place. There's a lot of suspense and mystery to this story and you're definitely left wondering how this whole thing will end.