Review Flower of Evil Drama Korean

Review Flower of Evil 2020 Serial Drama Korean 

A Flower of Evil drama Korean review will give you insight into what is offered in this new series starring Gong Yoo, Sung Kang Hyeon and Park Shin Hye. This Korean drama is not only a love story between the lead characters, Lee Soo Hyun and Park Geun Hye, but it also touches on several issues like politics, business relationships, and much more.

Review Flower of Evil Drama Korean

In this plot revolves around a woman named Choi Soon. Choi soon starts working as a secretary at an organization that provides for the needs of the rich and famous. This group gives them a lot of money and privileges, and then they want to be with the famous and rich people. They are also being blackmailed by their boss that if they don't give in to their demands they can be forced to be with Choi Soon and become rich.

The other man in this story is Choi Won, who is a very rich and influential man who is always being threatened by his girl friend that if he doesn't get the things he wants he will get to marry Choi Soon's daughter. Meanwhile, in reality, Choi Soon is a girl that has been made fun of since she was a kid. But Choi Soon does not want to be like all the other girls around her because she loves her father, so she decides to pursue her dreams and become a top level actress. But when Choi Soon meets a handsome and wealthy businessman, she has no choice but to get into his business.

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This is the plot where Gong Yoo plays the role of Choi Soon and the other characters that are in this drama play roles similar to those of Choi Soon. There is a very important aspect that is left out in this drama, which is the relationship between Park Geun Hye and Sung Kang Hyeon.

In the last few episodes of this Korean drama, Park Geun Hye is about to get married. When she realizes that she is going to get married to a rich and famous man, she immediately gets very nervous and uncomfortable and the rest of the time she is very depressed. Meanwhile, Sung Kang Hyeon is about to get married to another woman, who happens to be Choi Soon's assistant.

So, as you can see, it is a very good review of the Flower of Evil drama that will not only give you insight on why this Korean drama is so popular, but it also gives you the best review of the plot. There are also many other aspects that you will be given the chance to read, so make sure that you go through the review that is provided by this drama.