Review Antebellum (2020) Movie

The Antebellum Movie Review - Ben Kingsley

A review of Antebellum movie horror, featuring one of the most famous and widely recognised actors in modern cinema, is certainly something to keep an eye out for as we get ready to head into the weekend. There will be many people who are still waiting for the new film starring Ben Kingsley to be shown in cinemas, and who are looking forward to seeing the horror of the first two Paranormal Activity films.

Review Antebellum (2020) Movie

Ben Kingsley once again takes the lead role in this latest movie horror feature and there are not many fans of his work who haven't seen the first two Paranormal Activity movies. He plays a man called Jack Burton, who lives at his mother's house and also has an uncanny ability to frighten little children by using his voice. Jack also has a very strong interest in haunted houses and is willing to do anything to get his hands on the latest horror novel that has been published about him.

The other main character in this review is called John Lowe and he is a man who works as a psychic and uses his powers of clairvoyance in order to help people. There is certainly nothing like seeing Ben Kingsley in a movie horror movie and this is one that I am sure all fans of the genre will appreciate.

What Antebellum (2020) Movie About?

Ben Kingsley also manages to scare up some good performances from his supporting cast as well, especially in the case of John Lowe. Tom Cruise makes an appearance as a ghost, played by Jason Blum, who appears to give Jack Burton advice about what he must do next in his quest to find the new book. The new book that Jack is looking for is called The Antebellum Movie, and this is a wonderful film horror story. The whole movie is very well made and is certainly worth a watch if you enjoy the Paranormal Activity franchise.

Ben Kingsley once again proves that he is able to scare up great roles and he makes the most of the opportunity to shine in a horror movie. Many people will not be aware of the fact that this actor has actually appeared in three horror films to date, but they should certainly look again when they watch this review.

If you love horror movies then it is certainly worth looking forward to watching The Antebellum Movie, as it is a great example of a movie horror story. that features some excellent performances from an actor such as Ben Kingsley.