The Old Guard (2020) Movies Review

The Old Guard 2020 Movies Synopsis

The Old Guard 2020 Movies Synopsis & Review

The Old Guard movies review & synopsis is a new movie from director Danny Boyle, where Michael Palin stars as the former British Army officer turned political activist. The film is directed by Danny Boyle, who has had an extensive experience in both theatre and film. The Old Guard is based on the book The Young Turks by Chris Morris, which was also written by Boyle and features some of the cast of the original film The Beach.

Michael Palin plays Martin Sanderson, a former British Army officer who becomes a member of a group of young Turks who were politically active during the 1980s, and were later involved in the movement against the military dictatorship of Generalissimo Francisco Franco.

They took part in many battles in Europe and Spain, while battling to defend the people of Spain from Fascists, which included the IRA. The Turks then decided to take up arms against the Russians in Afghanistan, which ended up in a war that killed many of their number.

After they joined the ranks of the CIA, Martin Sanderson went on to fight the IRA in Northern Ireland before he was made a member of the Joint Task Force (JTF), tasked with fighting in Chechnya. One of his missions there resulted in him taking part in one of the most notorious battles ever fought in the Middle East.

The Old Guard 2020 Movies Review

Martin Sanderson is then dispatched by the JTF to Afghanistan, where he is given the task of fighting against the Taliban in the north of the country. On his way to the battle field, he meets a former soldier who was sent to a death camp, called "the Farm", that was set up by the CIA to use its torture tactics to get the information they were looking for.

Their alliance turns to be quite uneasy as the two soldiers end up breaking out of the Farm. Martin Sanderson ends up being captured and taken to a prison where he has to work as an interrogator, under threat of execution if he fails.

Once there, Martin Sanderson finds a number of people who have been held captive at the Farm. Some of these people turn out to be useful members of the British Army, but others become enemies. These individuals form a bond to fight back against the regime and to help each other escape.

Martin Sanderson goes on to save lives, and to fight against the regime. He eventually returns to Britain after the war and begins working as a journalist. But in the future, he will need to think about how he will get his life back on track, when he sees the rise of the New World Order, as predicted in the book The Old Guard, which is based on the Old Guard movie.