Saving Private Ryan (1998) Review


Saving Private Ryan (1998) Review

One of the greatest movies ever made, Saving Private Ryan (1998) movies, stars Tom Hanks as Capt. John Miller. Miller is assigned to protect the Normandy invasion force on D-Day. He's part of an elite group of officers that will make it through Operation Overlord. After the initial invasion of the mission becomes one of the most challenging and perilous of World War II.

The film takes place during the summer of 1944 and is set on Omaha Beach. Capt. Miller and his men are separated from the rest of the force and separated for the long war. Capt. Miller then leads his men on an arduous trek to the sea, where they must find a way back to the beach. As they attempt to accomplish this task they encounter many difficulties along the way and eventually reach their destination. Meanwhile, the Nazis have taken command of the area and are ready for action. They surround the unit and begin to execute their brutal tactics.

Once they reach the beach, they come face to face with the enemy and decide to attack. Unfortunately, they fail miserably and are almost slaughtered. But then Capt. Miller, who knows that his men will not last long enough to make it back to the beach, decides that he needs to take matters into his own hands and return safely to the beaches to win the war.

Afterward, Capt. Miller returns home where Mr. Miller, played by Billy Crystal, goes to live with his family. Aided by his young son and some close friends, Capt. Miller sets out to fight the Nazis once again. Along the way, he meets a few people he knows and some people that do not know him but who have some important roles to play throughout the story such as a British nurse and her American friend. Capt. Miller also comes to learn more about his past and the sacrifices that he made for the United States Armed Forces during the Second World War.

Saving Private Ryan (1998) Movies Based on True Stories

This movie is so gripping and dramatic that if you happen to miss a scene, you might not see it coming until later on in the movie. Even with the many scenes of violence and gore, the movie is not too graphic for my taste. The violence and gore are in small doses that only add to the story but do not take away from the essence of the characters and the events.

Overall, Saving Private Ryan (1998) is a must see movie for everyone. Anyone who has seen or is planning on seeing this movie should definitely add it to their collection.