Magic Camp (2020) Movie Review

Magic Camp (2020) Movie Review

"The Magic Camp" (2020) is a fast-paced, suspenseful movie that offers a great deal of excitement for those who love magic. It's a fun movie with a lot of laughs, and it's certainly worth your time to watch. The cast does a great job, and some of the supporting roles don't get enough attention - but overall, the film is a very good one.

Dr. Henry Morgan (Tom Hanks) returns to Magic Camp as a straight-laced, humorless banker, in an effort to make up for past mistakes. He quickly becomes a favorite among the other campers, as his laid back personality is very endearing. A caring and funny man, Henry wants nothing more than to be an open and honest counselor, helping the young boys and girls learn the ropes of being a good magician. A loving, caring dad, Henry has long wished that he'd have more time for himself.

The only problem with Henry is that he's actually not a magician - though he pretends to be one on the first day of camp. Instead, he runs an accounting firm in New Jersey. His son Peter (Travis Fimmel), however, is a magician - and an incredibly talented one. The two are quickly drawn to each other, and as their friendship develops, they each discover that they have much in common.

At first, Peter and Henry are able to maintain their separation from one another, as they both find that they're having similar problems with their own abilities. Henry and his son have a lot of fun trying to pull off tricks that their father couldn't, while Peter is constantly in the spotlight because he pulls off some impossible magic acts, and often gets them canceled.

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Eventually, however, things get worse, when Peter loses a bet to his father, and has his father threatened him with jail time. This causes a rift between Peter and Henry, but when the two finally come face-to-face, Henry discovers the true nature of Peter's abilities - and the things he's capable of.

Once he realizes how good Peter really is, Henry agrees to teach Peter some of the secrets of his craft - including the use of the Tarot. As the two begin to practice, Peter begins to become more confident in his abilities, and Henry finds himself in an uneasy position - all the while, watching his son grow as an artist. As things get better, Peter learns that his father was never in it for the money - and that the whole thing was all a game. his dad played out to give him a reason to keep him out of it.

A great movie, "The Magic Camp" offers lots of laughs and action. But even though there are some moments of romance, the majority of the movie is about learning, growing, and winning. The performances from Tom Hanks, Travis Fimmel, and Tom Selleck make it worthwhile for anyone who enjoys magic. If you love this type of genre, you'll probably enjoy the film. - especially if you like magic or movies like this.