The Best Animation Movie of the Year

The Best Animation Movie of the Year - Review

The Best Animation Movie of the Year - Review

The Best Animation Movie of the Year - The best animation movie of the year is finally here. It's the amazing Disney film called Frozen. If you love the characters in Disney movies then this is one movie that you simply can't miss.

Anna and Elsa are such enchanting characters. They are so beautiful and have such naturalistic animations and movements. It's a great role for both of them and all of the other Disney characters as well. And the fantastic music from the Disney Sing-Along Songbook by Lin-Manuel Miranda will also be a great contribution to the movie.

The movie was filmed in New Zealand. It looks stunning and is definitely worth watching. So many people have seen it already and many more are waiting for the whole thing to be released in theaters. I am hoping that they get hold of all of the theater rights for the U.S. which would of course be good news. So don't miss out on this one.

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The story starts with the sisters having been invited to attend the Indian winter solstice celebrations. It is a traditional celebration that is done for about four days. And the sisters plan to go along because their mother has invited them and because they want to see the snow.

However, the truth is that Elsa is really unhappy with her and Anna's very own princesses which they refer to as ice freaks. This leads to a big argument in the house and the sisters begin to fight over who gets to be first as king and queen.

It is a perfect way to kick off the movie because there is a lot of action movies of this genre tend to do. Both the sisters look so magnificent and move so realistically that the viewers feel like they are really in the movie.

The movie has so many popular cartoon characters working behind the scenes that it feels like the director Sven Gjokaj was able to pull it off. The special effects are the best I have ever seen on a movie, and the overall graphics are stunning.

The main plot of the movie is a small one and while it is about the ice queen that everyone knows, it is not that big of a deal. So I guess the best animation movie of the year is also the best animated movie of the year if you ask me.


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