Little Women (2019)

Little Women (2019) - Review, Cast and Release Date

Little Women (2019) - Review, Cast and Release Date

Little Women Movie Review - The Jewel in the Crown
You know what it is like being a female fan of the Little Women series. If you don't you're not alone. When the latest Little Women movie The Jewel in the Crown was released, we all waited in anticipation, waiting for a movie that would give us another great tale from the Old Manse of Elizabeth Bathory, the infamous vampire Countess of Dracula.

The early reviews were good, but some people seem to have missed the point, thinking the plot would be the same as in the last two films. Well, no matter if you agree or disagree with me on this, I have Little Women (2020) Movie Review that you should read so you'll know what to expect when you see the movie.

Johnny Ceevey, who played the role of Robert Schindler in the previous two movies, is back as the lead character. He is now a famous musician, still living with his wife Anna (Claudia Christian) who has taken care of him since he suffered a stroke a few years ago. She brings her mother with her so that Anna can carry on the love that their family so dearly loves. Robert and Anna are both in good health; Robert's whole family are quite fond of the singer and Anna is now running a pub where the couple can have fun.

While Robert's mother and his brother Christopher (Peter Serafinowicz) now live in the Old Manse of the Countess, his sister Claudia's cottage is left empty. She seems to have been married, or rather has been for a long time. A tattoo is missing from the foot of her bed and even her wedding ring is never found!

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Little Women (2019) Review

Robert and Anna are worried about the condition of their Aunt Marion (Phoebe Cates), and are sad that she has become quite distant. Since their father has already gone into a secluded life, they wonder what will happen to the house after his death.

The plot revolves around a boy named Jonathan Benjamin (Dylan Keating), who can see spirits and who's also been locked up in the Old Manse since he was a baby. However, Jonathan finds out that the Countess has been keeping a secret from everyone, and that she has been raising her evil brother, Dracula. Unfortunately, she needs the help of Jonathan to do this. Who knows how she'll find her boy?

The Little Women movie starring Liv Tyler and John Malkovich, directed by Ruben Ostlund, is sure to be another successful outing for this long-time series. If you haven't watched any of the previous movies in the series, you might want to start with these, but I recommend watching them all!

It will make you wish you'd started earlier. But just in case you don't have enough free time for these movies, I'm sure there will be more soon!


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