Flipped (2010)

Flipped (2010) - Review, Cast and Release Date

Flipped (2010) - Review, Cast and Release Date

Flipped Movie Reviews
Flipped is a film that is so bad it is kind of great. As a film that starts out the same as a scene in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", there is not much else to say about it. We will however look at some Flipped movie reviews to help you decide whether or not this film is for you. After all, nothing can top the original film; but if you love a good old fashion slasher flick then you will probably love this one just as much.

Mr. Popov (James Roday) is a depressed janitor at a nursing home who is faced with the loss of his wife and the destruction of his marriage. Mrs. Popov was a nurse and a good person who loved her husband. However, after his wife died he was transformed into a sad, angry person who became obsessed with killing as many people as he could before his old age caught up with him.

The film begins with the opening credits and the scenes from the beginning of Flipped. The movie is about a man that has taken part in a ritual called "flipping" as he kills people. There are several different variations on this ritual, but they are essentially the same. He will kill a person and then live to commit another killing. In this way he hopes to get revenge on someone who killed his wife and kill as many people as he can before he dies.

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Review Film Flipped (2010) - Synopsis

This ritual is practiced by a group of men in the town of San Jose, who believe that any person can die as soon as they get up and go to heaven. If you die, they believe that you should be flipped before you go to heaven. They believe that when you flip you will be reincarnated into a new life and there will be no need to do anything to pay your respects to your loved ones. It is for this reason that they actually believe that the person who flips will be able to live forever, since they are going to return to this new life.

However, the only person who can truly flip is the brother of the one who died. So, one day he gets up and kills the person who killed his sister, and gets executed shortly thereafter. He is seen a few days later, however, while he is flipping, someone shoots and kills him.

Two local drunks are called in by the town council to investigate who killed Mr. Popov. Their first guess is that the murders were committed by drug addicts, who were trying to score their fix. However, after they make a link to a group of teenagers, they also begin to suspect that it was something more sinister and they will have to look into the matter further.

The drunks begin to dig a little deeper, and find out who flipped the other flipper who committed suicide. It turns out that the teenagers had been inviting their friends over to murder people and flip them as they flop them over, in order to give themselves longer lives. However, the "flipping" is very painful, and they had begged their friends to refrain from doing it. Unfortunately, there was one who refused to listen and snapped. He decided to flip himself, and instead of going to heaven he went straight to hell. Luckily, the man who had killed the young man had planned a last minute escape, and the police were able to get him back to earth.


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